About Us

Who or what is Prairie Sweet?

Prairie Sweet Boutiqueis your go-to resource for professional photographers.  We offer high-end design templates and digital papers.  Our blog is active, featuring the industry's finest photographers, businesses and products.  Our goal is to help you, the professional photographer, boost your sales and pamper your clients.

The Back Story:

Once upon a time, there were two sisters, Lori and Heidi, who both had special creative talents. One sister (Lori) was a photographer who needed templates for her clients in order to boost her sales and gifts to pamper and thank them for their business. The other sister (Heidi) was a designer who loved putting her creative talents to good use! One day they decided to put their skills together to form a business where they could provide templates as well as invaluable information to professional photographers!

They needed a name...something memorable and meaningful...something that described them and their roots. Both girls were born and raised in the Midwest and wanted something to reflect their love of nature and beauty. Prairie. Then they wanted something to describe their design aesthetic and style...something fun. Sweet. Alas, Prairie Sweet was born. The two sisters were pleased with the name and felt it fit their design and style - showcasing the "sweetness" of things found in the prairie and nature through textures, patterns and colors.

After many months of planning and preparation, Prairie Sweet Boutique was launched!

Our hope is that our clients will LOVE our products and will be excited to "Treat their clients to Prairie Sweet".

Heidi Stock & Lori George

Future Plans:

We will be adding more designs and have many more plans "up our sleeves" for Prairie Sweet -- so stay tuned!