How will I receive my purchase?

Your purchase will be delivered to you immediately upon purchase.  We will also send download information (links) to the email address you used to purchase your products.  

If you do not receive the email containing your downloads, please check your spam folder and include our email address in your contacts (info@prairiesweet.com).

How long do I have to download my files? 

Your download links will expire after 10 days or 5 download attempts (whichever comes first).

I lost my files or was unable to download before the links expired.  What do I do?

We encourage all of our customers to back up their files in multiple locations to insure their safety.

If for some reason you need us to resend a download link for a previously purchased file, we will do so for a fee of $5.00 per order with a proof of purchase. If the design has since been retired, we cannot resend the files. 

If you are having issues downloading, please contact us right away so that we can help you to the best of our ability.  If you wait 10 days, it will be more difficult for us to assist.


Will you include the font file in the purchase?

Due to copyright issues, we cannot include the font files in your purchases.  However, included in the purchase folder is a one-page PDF with basic instructions, terms of use, and links to download the fonts used.

What can I change/edit in the templates?

Our templates are fully layered.  This means that you will be able to edit text, customize colors, add your photos, etc.  Occasionally, Prairie Sweet will utilize our versatile digital papers, which can easily be swapped with a solid color or different paper when this is the case.


How do I customize the template?

    • Using the built-in clipping masks:

1. Locate the layer labeled ‘PLACE PHOTO.’
2. Place your photo into the template (File > Place...). For Mac, simply drag your photo onto the selected layer.
3. Hold down the shift key to maintain proportions and bring in the sides to resize the image (Make sure you’re using the select tool at the top
of the tools menu - looks like the cursor).
4. Click and drag the image to position it to fit the way you like, then press enter.

    • Editing Text:

1. Select the Text Tool in the Tools Menu (looks like a T)
2. Double-click the text you want to edit and simply erase and type something different.
3. If multiple text layers are close together, it may help to hide (click on the eye icon in the Layers Menu) the layers you’re not editing at the

    • Changing Colors:

1. To change the color of a pattern or element, double-click the color layer and choose your color. You can use the eyedropper tool to match
colors already present in a photo or design.
2. To change the color of the Background layer, Double click the color swatch in the Tools Menu on the left, choose your color, then select the
Fill (paint can) tool and click in the Background layer.


To accommodate the immediate needs of our customers, we offer automatic digital delivery of our products when purchased. For this reason, we cannot offer any exchanges or refunds.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Please read product descriptions thoroughly before making your purchase. If you have never made a Prairie Sweet purchase before, please take a moment to review our Terms of Use & Policies. If you have questions regarding our policies, please contact us before purchasing and we will be glad to help.


For a full list of our Terms of Use, Policies, & Copyright Information, go HERE.

Can I use your templates/papers to create items for my photography clients?

Yes!  When you purchase Prairie Sweet Boutique products, you are purchasing a professional license to use our products for your photography business.  This includes creating samples and printed products for your clients to purchase.

Can I purchase your papers or design kits to create digital products to sell in my own online shop?

No, you cannot.  Please visit our Terms of Use if you have specifics questions about how to use our products within the license provided.


If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at info@prairiesweet.com and we will be glad to assist you.